WriterIosif Demian
Top castLászló Mátray, Ilinca Harnut, Zsolt Bogdán
Release Year2021
Runtime 1h58
Women and men in the middle of the night, without their own clothes, without personal papers and money, without their car keys and mobile phones. In a deserted city the only solution would be, regardless of how far home is, to walk alone all the way there.


László MátrayMatei
Ilinca HarnutMargareta
Zsolt BogdánSebi
Ada CondeescuCara
Toma CuzinJohnny
Manuela HaraborFlora
Laurentiu DamianObo
Simona BondocMme Stoenescu
Razvan VasilescuBebe
Michaela ProsanFulga
Tudor IstodorGore
Sara BudralaCarmina
Ioachim CiobanuGutu
Francisc PatakfalviOscar
Edith AlibecEdith
Sergiu FinitiTanase
Levente NemesMon Stoenescu
Cristian IoanPolice officer
Carol IonescuYoung policeman
Judith StateCharlie
András DemeterRobber
Imola GáspárWoman in red
Florin BeciuPoliceman, Driver
Mihai FusuTheatre manager
Simona GhitaBebe's wife


  • Music Erika Demian
  • Countries of origin Romania, Hungary


In full swing, the last rehearsal before the premiere runs late into the night. A seemingly insignificant detail disturbs the euphoria of success. The actors' dressing rooms and toilets are closed, the wardrobe has disappeared without explanation.


Forced by circumstance, the characters leave the theater building, walk out into the street wearing their costumes from the show.

Without access to their own clothing, without papers or money, without their cell phones or car keys, the actors feel out of their depth. The protection of the stage is gone, the text of the play that united them has faded. They gradually realize that they are simply being thrown into the unknown of the night.


Gradually, the group falls apart, each one finds the shortest way home.

We learn of their fate long before the curtain rises on opening night.

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